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Liability Disclaimer

EbikeGarage is not liable for any damages related to incidents involving lithium batteries. Read and closely follow the instructions that come with your device regarding charging and battery maintenance.

EbikeGarage is not liable for any injuries related to incidents or accidents to the user or afflicted third-parties involving the use of any of the devices we sell. We promote safe use and always recommend wearing a helmet and protective gear while riding in addition to safe training practices.

The customer takes all responsibilities and liabilities on all products including ebikes, e-scooters, conversion kits, batteries, ebike components, brakes, bike mechanical parts and adjustments, electrical wiring, unforeseen occurrences, safety issues, maintenance and services, etc.

The rider must obey all traffic regulations, geographical or age restrictions and is responsible to follow rules and updates for the kind of vehicle being used.

Customers are fully responsible for understanding the safety concerns and regulations of keeping, using and transportation of Li-Ion battery packs.