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Battery construction – How it’s done

Batteries are the beating heart of any electric bike. They can be a crippling ailment or the turbo-charged key to the performance and range of your bike.

Construction of the highest capacity, highest power batteries for your bike is the single most important aspect of any Ebike creation. Some recent record builds include these high capacity batteries.

  • Stealths
    • Fighter (2.5Kwh)
    • Hurricane (3Kwh)
    • Bomber/Alpha (3.25Kwh)
    • Beta (2.25Kwh)
  • BikeEs
    • CT – Internal (850Wh)
    • AT – Under frame box (2Kwh)
  • Giant revive – Internal (500Wh)

You’d be hard pressed to find higher capacity batteries for these bikes anywhere else!

All batteries are created with the utmost care for safety, longevity and performance with several key aspects including;

  • Multi-layered spot welded series and parallel connections
  • Carefully arranged cell layout for even current draw
  • Oversized main discharge/charge wires
  • Over-rated BMS with automated balancing, temperature control and bluetooth connectivity
  • Option of no BMS with manual balancing via breakout board
  • High grade closed cell padding and PVC heatshrink
  • Handlebar mounted temperature readout

Battery pricing is determined based on the size and shape, power and capacity, and cell count as well as any other unique requirements. For this reason it is not possible to offer specific pricing guidelines, however as a general rule of thumb pricing reflects the WH of the battery plus $500-$1500 depending on complexity and capacity.

Batteries are made to order and as such have the following caveats:

  • Typical build time is 2-3 months following deposit. However this can sometimes be up to 4 months. This is due to the shipping requirements of lithium cells meaning it can take up to 6 weeks for supplies to arrive before construction can begin.
  • Changes in specifications relating to the construction of the battery, such as dimensions or power requirements may mean a reasonable fee for alterations to accommodate such changes is charged.

To inquire about having your dream battery created, contact me below.